Monday, December 13, 2010

Hottest Rite Aid Deals 12/12-12/17

It has been a great week at Rite Aid already- and it's only Monday. I hit up every Rite Aid in my area today to take advantage of these awesome deals. Here are the best buys I've found.

EcoTools- bath products/tools in the soap/body wash aisle.
$5 +UP Reward when you buy 2 (no limit)
There are some $1.99 items, which make this a $2 moneymaker!

Colgate Sensitive toothpaste $3.50
$3.50 +UP Reward (no limit) = FREE

Rite Aid brand invisible or gift wrap tape $1.49
Buy one get one FREE + $1 +UP Reward with each one = $0.50 moneymaker!

Also, Rite Aid has their Gift of Savings promotion going on right now where you can get up to $20 reward for spending $100 or more. The $100 is before coupons! The most I have spent out of pocket is $3 and I have far surpassed the maximum $20 Gift of Savings limit. All you have to do is enter your receipts on the Rite Aid website under the Gift of Savings box.

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