Wednesday, October 27, 2010

50 *FREE* Christmas Cards! Yes, please!

I am not one to plan ahead, I am a major procrastinator with most things. But for some reason, this year I am planning ahead for Christmas. Now that I have a family I get excited about making and sending out Christmas cards! Right now, Shutterfly is offering 50 free holiday cards to bloggers who write about their products. I went to Shutterfly's website to explore cards for this year and there are so many great options! I don't like sending out the cheesy cards from local drugstores or even Costco/Sam's club, because everyone has seen them and they just don't seem personalized or special. Here is one card that I love from Shutterfly because it's fun!

Find this card here! We still have to work on getting a family picture to put on these Christmas cards, so after I do that, I will plug in the picture to this card and probably several others (because there are so many cute ones) to pick one that also fits our picture.

They also offer Christmas cards that are like a newsletter. You can put a family photo on the front and on the inside include little tidbits about everyone in their own section! I'll just stick to the regular Christmas card for my family, but this is a wonderful option that I haven't seen before and would love to get from others!

Find this Holiday Story Card HERE

Check out Shutterfly's website HERE
And Christmas/Holiday card section HERE

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