Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Target & Rite Aid this week

Monday night I spent some time organizing my coupons- throwing out expired ones and clipping new ones from Sunday's paper. Then I went through and got coupons and a list ready to take to Target and Rite Aid this week. Here are my lists and coupons I'm taking to the stores. I'll be back after my trips to let you know how it went.

Colgate Sensitive
$1 Target coupon
$0.75 manufacturer coupon
Kraft string cheese
$1 off 2 Target coupon
Market Pantry ice cream
$1 off Target coupon
Crescent Rolls
$0.50 off 2 coupon
Market Pantry cheese
$1 off 2 Target coupon
Bakery item
$1 off Target coupon
Market Pantry bread
$0.50 off Target coupon
Archer Farms Simply Balanced (fruit strips)
$1 off 2 Target coupon
Reach floss
$1 off coupon (4 of these)
Hershey's kisses
$1 off Target coupon
$1 off manufacturer coupon
$1 off Target coupon
$1 off manufacturer coupon
*possible $5 gift card wyb 2??
Mars bagged candy
$1.50 off 3 Target coupon
$1 off 3 manufacturer coupon
Hefty one-zip bags
$1 off 2 manufacturer coupon
$1.50 off manufacturer coupon
Cottonelle wipes
FREE manufacturer coupon
P.F. Chang's frozen meals (2)
$1.50 off Target coupons (2)
$1.50 off manufacturer coupons (2)

Rite Aid
Maybelline mascara
$1 off manufacturer coupons (2)
Maybelline eye shadow
$1 off manufacturer coupons (2)
Nivea lip care?
$1 off manufacturer coupon
Crest toothpaste (with rain check from last week's sale)
$1 off manufacturer coupons (5)
Gain dishwashing liquid
$1 off manufacturer coupons (2)
Playtex Gentle Glide (2)
$2 off 2 Video Values coupon
$2 off manufacturer coupons (2)

I also have a $2.69 up reward and 2 $1 off VV coupons to use!

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