Sunday, October 3, 2010

Free Razors!

This week at both CVS and Rite Aid you can snag some free razors! We bought some of these a few weeks ago when there were $5 coupons out and ECBs at CVS, and they are great razors. The Schick Hydro 3 and Schick Hydro 5. This week there are 2 $4 coupons in the newspaper inserts. Use them at CVS and pay $5 out of pocket (oop) and get $5 Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) back = free razors. You can use the other coupon paired with the $5 ECBs and get more- up to 8 cartridges (if you buy all refills) for $5 oop. There is a limit of 1 ECBs for this deal, so you won't get $5 ECBs back on the second transaction.
Or take your coupons to Rite Aid where the razors are on sale and pair it with a $2 Video Values coupon (from Rite Aid's website and using your Wellness Card) and get the razors for free- with possible $0.03 overage.
I will be doing one of the razor deals at CVS with some ECBs I have and one deal at Rite Aid so that I don't have to pay anything oop. Too bad the limit is 1 on ECBs at CVS and you can only get 1 Video Values coupon!


  1. They also have an extremely similar deal at Walgreens...Razor at $8.99 , but get 4 Rebate Rewards...use $4 coupon=free razor

  2. Thanks Emy! free razors everywhere!

  3. Out hopping..following you now! stop by when you get a chance