Friday, September 17, 2010

Best Bottoms

When I found out Nicki's Diapers had come out with a new diaper and had read about it, I was in love. The Best Bottoms diaper had everything I liked about different diapers all rolled into one. I bought one Best Bottoms diaper to try, hoping that I would love it and could invest in some of these to complete our stash. They come in cute ice cream inspired color combinations and I just couldn't resist trying them after all the great reviews I had read. I got the Blue Moon color.

Here's what I liked about it:
All-in-two diaper- reusing the cover
Snap-in inserts
Double leg gussets
Option of overnight inserts

After receiving the diaper, here are my likes and dislikes:
I love the AI2 system, but don't love that the insert snaps in in the front and back of the diaper.
If you have to unsnap a soiled insert in both places, you are bound to get messy or wet (the reason I'm not a fan of pocket diapers). Plus, my babies are tummy sleepers and it felt like it would be uncomfortable to lay on the front snap of the insert.
I like the leg gussets and the snaps, but couldn't get quite as good of a fit as I would have liked and the snaps are not symmetrical (for overlap and a smaller fit I know) and this bothered me that I couldn't get them to line up how I would have liked. The overlap was too tight and not overlapping was too loose. The aplix version could solve this problem for me. I did not like that it was a round shape around the snaps because this made it stick out and I like the flaps to lay flat against the front of the diaper. I had the hemp/organic cotton insert to try and loved the trimness of the diaper!

Here's a picture of the Best Bottoms on my 2 1/2 month old:

And on my 17 month old:

Overall, I liked the Best Bottoms diaper, but not quite as much as I had hoped (granted, I had super high expectations for this diaper). I bought a medium sized insert and it would work for both of my kiddos. I would definitely use a medium size even though my 2 1/2 month old is just over 10 pounds now and would prefer a large size for my 17 month old. I would like to try a stay-dry insert and an overnight insert to see how it holds up all night long. I also wish they had more girly colors, but I found several boyish color combos that I liked. I'm excited to see the prints that they have coming out and think the Best Bottoms diapers are great!

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