Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It's September already!?
The end of summer and beginning of the fall always has a feeling of freshness to me. It probably goes back all those years of 'back to school' season where I went shopping for new clothes, started new classes, had new teachers, and there is a freshness to the air. Even though I don't have all those same experiences anymore, the feeling is still there and plays out in slightly different ways. This time of year is when I really want a clean house and to clear out any clutter laying around. It always makes me feel better if I'm living in a freshly cleaned house- gives me a better attitude and even helps me wake up in the mornings. Since I don't have to get organized to go back to school, I think I'll try to get more organized with household things such as keeping the kids rooms clean (that's funny to try to do with a 16 month old), getting rid of things we don't need, and learning/organizing coupons and how to do that well. I'm also going to try to throw in a few things for myself such as reading more and working out on a regular basis- the weather should help both of these as it will be pleasant to get outdoors again. Even though it's not technically fall yet, I feel it coming and I'm ready. (Just don't remind me that fall means winter is just around the corner.)

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